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The Genési Group is a consultancy firm that provides solutions in strategic philanthropy through innovative fund development models, fundraising campaigns, collaborative partnerships in B2B, corporate social responsibility, social enterprise and social entrepreneur impact investments.

In today’s economy, both for profit and nonprofit entities face a never-ending list of frustrations, challenges and uncertainties. As a strategic philanthropic business development consultancy, we provide innovative solutions to create the greatest impact.

Through our signature integrated approach and exceptional creative intelligence our services are designed to build and leverage your vision of philanthropy to increase your ability to be effective in local, regional and global communities.

The Business of Strategy + Passion + Hope = Philanthropy

Philanthropy is not charity. It is the constant stewarding of our humanity through the desire to help, the desire to make a difference and the ability to collectively bring change.

Iris Ivana Grant


Regardless of one’s individual giving focus, or the size and industry of a business, our expertise will guide you to the real and measurable outcomes you envision through your legacy or brand.

Iris Ivana Grant

CEO / Lead Strategist


Iris Ivana Grant, CEO & President

Iris Grant is the Founder and CEO of the Genési Group Incorporated. She facilitates dialogue with businesses in development strategies that expose areas of benefit, not readily identified through traditional models in philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, community engagement and brand awareness. As visionary and speaker with over 15 years experience in fundraising, campaigns design, corporate partnership development, nonprofit business and strategic philanthropy her leadership is changing how companies engage in civic sector.


Annette Tyson, VP of Operations & Administration

Annette Tyson is an award-winning executive with over 20 years in healthcare and senior management experience. Her experience spans positions such as Regional Director, Division Manager, and Program Director for Enrollment Broker and TPA, in addition to multi-State Medicaid Managed Care.  Annette brings innovation to social enterprise and social entrepreneurial developments that add value to the healthcare industry.


Ivan L. Grant, Jr., CFO & SVP of  Philanthropic Investments 

As a leading financial consultant in strategic and tactical matters, Ivan Grant, has over 10 years of Chief Financial Officer experience for both for-profit and nonprofit entities. He has achieved measurable results and impact in organizational restructuring as it relates to budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding, and implemented​ ​key​ ​metrics​ ​to​ ​track​ ​job profitability​ ​that​ ​improved​ ​RFP​ ​bid​ ​margins by 30+%.

The Genési Group team members, stakeholders and board of directors are visionaries, strong advocates and cultivators of inclusive strategic infrastructures, leadership development tools and collaborative partners in philanthropy.  Their mission is boldly paired with a unique energetic passion that is infectious in order to cultivate dynamic relationships with both the givers and the receivers.

We Create


Cutting edge individuals and entrepreneurs look to develop giving opportunities that allow them to continue to be innovators and non-traditionalist through strategic philanthropy.

Social Enterprise, Impact Investor & Private Foundations
We create social responsibility investment strategies and giving portfolios that allow them to contribute to social change and allow individuals and families to give in the same unique manner in which they live their lives and build their brands.

Athletes, Entertainers, Philanthropist and Entrepreneurs
We build giving strategies in the same unique manner in which they live their lives and build their brands – with an entrepreneurial spirit.


Your brand is your signature. Your core values, vision and mission drive the message and empowers our strategies. Together, we will strategically map needs, barriers and opportunities to successfully navigate the interaction between corporations, their non-profit partners and the communities they both serve.

Corporate Foundation & Corporate Social Responsibility:
We strategically map stakeholder needs to successfully to mediate deliverables and returns on investment and language barriers between corporations and their non-profit partners.

We add value and increase impact for everyone in a philanthropic partnerships in order to affect the bottom line,  increase capacity for greater impact in the communities of need and your employee engagement.


We educate through keynotes, workshops and trainings.

Small Business and Nonprofits:
We engage in high-level designs of collaboration, creative intelligence, experiential marketing and business models to increase the value to their business model and client pipeline.

NPO Executive Leadership/Social Entrepreneur Trainings:
We provide unique substantive NPO leadership development trainings that support the diversification of revenue streams, partnerships and capacity in traditional fundraising campaigns.


We educate through keynotes, workshops and webinars: from substantive business presentations designed to inform, build teams, increase Board engagement and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit. We are committed to help you build a strategic portfolio that aligns your vision with opportunity.


"Impact investing moves beyond the consideration of profitability and bottom lines; it engages in collaborative partnerships, cutting edge ideas and strategies that result in us experiencing the unimaginable. "

Iris Ivana Grant

Define the Core

Define the Core

Refine - Clarify - Focus - Expand We provide frameworks that help a company make effective decisions about its goals,financial sustainability, objectives and growth direction. As an independent strategy consultant our methodology and thought processes support leader's in their decisions about the future.



We assist companies in identifying the impact of trends and regulations in their industry and in the community they serve. Developing programs and strategies that target sustained value creation for financial growth and sustainability is essential.

Growth Fundamentals

Growth Fundamentals

Only one in 10 companies succeeds in achieving sustained growth. We help companies grow by defining and focusing on their core.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Align marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives; ensure marketing investments are generating highest returns and reinforcing the brand positioning; and build a loyal customer/ client/employee base through branding that cultivates a strong, trusted image.

Brand Management

Brand Management

Build a brand - Cultivate relationships. We provide support in recognizing branding opportunities and identifiers through a variance of messages, partnerships, events and initiatives that meet the needs of your target audience.

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